Hello and welcome.

Ignore the unfolded laundry, the piles of books gathering dust, and the assortment of cats and dogs giving one another hard stares.

Come in and put your feet up.

I’m a writer living in Bath, UK and have a Masters (distinction) in creative writing which I studied at Bath Spa University (class of Covid 2020-21) and a BA (first class honours) in Creative Writing from the University for the Creative Arts (formerly Open College of the Arts) in 2020 which I studied for six years.

I was born in Bedford to a working class family (my dad was a butcher, my mum became a post lady in her later years) and as I wasn’t allowed to go to college after school, I spent my employed life falling from one rubbish job into the next, writing about the various predicaments I found myself in. When I became a single parent aged 36, I joined an online writing forum and met some lovely writers – all of whom are now best selling published authors – and it was there that I found the confidence and support to write my first full-length novel entitled ‘Labrats’.

I’ve written a few more since then and although I’ve yet to find that elusive agent/writer match, I remain either hopeful or deluded – the jury’s out on that!

In February 2021, during the first trimester of the MA, I was diagnosed with ADHD; a condition which has been misdiagnosed and mis-medicated my whole life. This has meant that I can finally attribute all kinds of (as I always saw them) weird personality defects to an actual neurological brain impairment. It also makes sense of my obsessive hyper-focus on things which grab my attention; my quest for perfection, and ongoing periods of chronic self-doubt.

Having ADHD means there’s a legitimate reason I lose my glasses, forget there’s a pan on the boil, finish people’s sentences for them, do five things at once, and zone out *see also welcome laundry*. On the downside, it also means that I’m incredibly sensitive, feel injustice like a proper wound and have a near-photographic memory.

I hope you find something that interests you while you’re here.

And DO get in touch if you feel like it – I love a nice natter. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

perhaps the neatest TBR pile

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